Very large choice of frames in stock for your project. Many styles and spec.
Are you a well-informed consumer? Read the following!

Many companies in the motorcycle industry think that offering you an eye-catching product is enough to seduce you. Is that really the case?

We don’t think so! These days, offering a supposedly customized product is nothing complicated. However, was it really designed based on your needs? Were you asked the right questions? Did it really provide you satisfaction?

Many questions… but just one answer!

As far as motorcycles are concerned, there’s no room for fly-by-night experts. At The Rat Shop, we take the time to communicate with you clearly and precisely. This is the starting point that will enable us to know your needs and wants. We establish a trusting relationship with you because, after everything, buying a motorcycle is not an ordinary purchase!

This approach enables us to provide you an affordable price for the product you really want: A great original, safe, high quality motorcycle that you will be proud of for a long time.

Improvization can prove costly. At The Rat Shop, there’s no room for improvization!

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